Saturday, December 12, 2015

*HOT* $20 Starbucks Gift Card, Just $3.66 – Hurry!

Note: Hurry! NEW CODE! These are Back
New Raise users! You can save $15 on your first discounted Gift Card on Raise (keep reading). This is so awesome. You can do this on any gift card. I’m just using Starbucks as an example. But you can do this for any store: Sephora, Target, AMC, Victoria’s Secret, etc.
For example, right now they have $10 Starbucks Gift Cards for $9.33 each or $25 Starbucks Gift Cards for $24.50 on Raise. You can take $5 Off with my referral. Plus, when you check out, you can use promo code BUS10 to save an additional $10! If you get two $10 Gift Cards, that’s $15 Off $18.66, which is $3.66! Meaning you pay just $3.66 for a $20 Starbucks Gift Card! Alternatively, since card availability changes, you can get a $15 card for $1 (they charge a minimum of $1) OR $21 card for $4.
Here’s what to do:
  • Click here to sign up and create a new account (If you are on mobile, it’ll open up the app store for you to download the app. Instructions on setting up from mobile app below).
  • Make sure the referral code: HTERRY is in the box at the bottom
  • Enter your mobile number, they will text you a code.
  • Enter the code to verify your number. Once you verify, the $5 will be credited to your account
  • Search for “Starbucks” (Or any store you like)
  • Look for a card $15 or over and hit “Buy Now” – Or pick any denomination. Two $10 works too
  • Checkout.
  • Enter Promo Code: BUS10 during checkout to take off $10 (new accounts only)
  • The Free $5 credit will come off automatically during checkout after you’ve entered your payment information.
If you still do not see your $5 credit, there are a few things you can do. You can either contact customer service – their live chat during business hour is great. Or you can do the following if you are on mobile):
  • Download the Raise app. Sign in
  • Click top left corner for menu
  • Select “Invite Friend”
  • At bottom of this page, click “Referred by Someone?”
  • Enter FSF as code and then click Claim

COMMON Reader Question: Raise app says not to upload the eCards to your Starbucks app. This is NOT true. You can absolutely transfer the balance amount to your primary starbucks reward card and you can use in stores or online. To load it to your primary starbucks card, log into your starbucks account online, click “Transfer Funds”, click “transfer to” and select your primary card you want the new funds to be transferred to and follow the steps to transfer. Hope that helps. :)

Thanks to for this awesome deal!

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